Referral scheme

We know that the best way to attract new customers is by ‘word of mouth’ from the very people who have experienced our services personally. 
Smiling lady

A happy client 🙂

We like to thank existing clients who refer us to others with a small gift – a voucher for £25 from either Marks & Spencer, John Lewis or Amazon (your choice).

A referral from a satisfied client is the greatest compliment we could receive, which is why we set up our referral reward scheme.

Remember the reasons why it makes sense to refer to us:

  • We are Independent Mortgage Advisers, with access to the whole of the UK mortgage marketplace.
  • We have a very large panel of insurers for all  protection planning needs.
  • We have access to exclusive products and lender funds that many other brokers don’t have.
  • 100% of customers to date have returned our post sale survey with 5 out of 5 stars, meaning they were completely satisfied with our service and how we handled their case.
  • We do everything possible to ensure our clients obtain the results they want to achieve, including assisting with all paperwork, dealing with the lender,  insurers and solicitors, all the way to legal completion.
  • We are here for any queries after the purchase or re-mortgage is completed.

So, please think about all the people you know who have a mortgage currently, or may be looking to buy their first home or even move to a new home. Potentially, all of them could benefit from speaking to us.

We also arrange finance for businesses, for property purchase, for re-financing, whatever the commercial property may be.

Ask them to contact us, or you can email us, or fill in the ‘Get in touch’ form to the right side of this page.

Please ensure that your friend or relative tells us who referred them, so we know who to send the vouchers to !

We will send out the gift voucher once the business is concluded, and we have received the income due for their mortgage or insurance policy.

Want a voucher? Make a referral to us. We can’t make it any easier.

You’re not limited to only one voucher, as you can recommend as many people as you wish, and we’ll keep to our side of the deal.

Sometimes, once is not enough !