Whether you are purchasing your first home or wanting to arrange a re-mortgage ro replace your existing mortgage, we will guide and support you through the whole process, searching the whole market place for you, to secure the correct mortgage product for you.

We take a holistic approach to advising you on your mortgage and protection planning, ensuring the term and and type of mortgage is the most suitable for your circumstances.

Will will also liaise with your estate agent, legal representatives and any other professionals to ensure a smooth process for you.

Why use us?

You could arrange a mortgage directly from the lender (banks, building societies and specialist mortgage lenders), or you can use a mortgage broker, such as 1st Call 4 Mortgages (UK) Ltd. You can arrange a mortgage based on ‘Information only’ or obtain ‘Advice and a recommendation’ on a mortgage that suits your particular needs.

‘Information only’ is usually available from the lenders themselves, such as the high street banks and building societies. This means they will only give you information of their own products and services. They cannot recommend other lenders’ products.

1st Call 4 Mortgages provide ‘Advice and a recommendation’, once we’ve assessed your needs, taking into account your circumstances and your wishes. Afer our initial conversation, in which we obtain the relevent information, we use our knowledge of the whole marketplace to apply our knowledge to your particular requirements. As ‘Independent’ advisers, we can use any lender from a panel of lenders representing the whole of the mortgage market. We have no ‘favourites’ and always chose the most suitable mortgage lender for your needs and circumstances.

When you buy with ‘Advice’, you have a right to expect us to recommend only products and services that are suitable for you.

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