remortgage If your existing mortgage is coming to the end of its initial term, or you want to raise any extra funds for the lowest cost possible, a re-mortgage may be the answer.

Maybe you want to release some of your property value, or make home improvements, or buy a new property for investment or pleasure purposes, a new mortgage may make complete financial sense.

As Independent Mortgage Advisers, we have access to every UK mortgage lender in the UK. Our information is updated daily, and sometimes twice a day, to ensure we are only offering today’s mortgage products that are available. (Mortgage lenders have a habit of withdrawing their products with little or no notice.) We will research and then recommend a lender and the most suitable mortgage product once we have assessed your needs and requirements. We can then help you with all the form-filling, gathering the items that a lender will want, and assist you right up to the end of the process, when you have legally completed the process of re-mortgaging. We will also ensure that you have the correct protection in place for your circumstances, for you as the borrower, and for the property, to ensure your home is not at risk should your circumstances change.

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