Mortgage lenders recognise that certain professions should be treated slightly differently than others.

For this reason, there are mortgage products available that offer improved terms over and above what is generally available to those in other occupations.

If your profession is listed below, and you are seeking either a mortgage to buy property or a re-mortgage of an existing property, contact us to see what current mortgage products are available to you on advantageous terms.

Professional mortgages, doctors, dentists, vets, accountants, solicitors, teachers.

> Accountant
> Actuary
> Barrister
> Dentist
> Medical doctor
> Optometrist
> Pharmacist
> Solicitor (including trainees)
> Teacher
> Vet

It doesn’t matter if you’re newly qualified or have spent many years in your profession. Whatever stage you are at in your career, our expertise and experience dealing with people from a wide range of professions allows us to source the most suitable mortgage for your needs.

Simply contact us or use the form to the right hand side to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.