We can arrange overseas mortgages for people looking for property abroad in many different countries.
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A house in Gascony, France, perfect for holidays, renting or just living in!

Whether you are looking for a mortgage for a property in France, Spain, Portugal, the USA or many other countries, we will be able to find the best mortgage suited to you and your needs. 

We can also recommend UK based solicitors for arranging overseas mortgages, to ensure a successful transaction.

We can help you find the perfect mortgage your property in the countries listed here.

Not sure if you want to raise the finance overseas? It may be possible to use a UK property to raise funds for overseas property purchases, on either a re-mortgage or 2nd mortgage basis.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Interested in a property overseas?

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List of countries we arrange mortgages in…

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Sometimes, we may refer to other experts who have access to mortgages on certain countries. This ensures that you are dealing with reputable, trusted people who will take the time and care to ensure you receive the best possible advice for your particular circumstances.


The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate mortgages for overseas properties.