A quick way for homeowners to arrange a loan using the equity in their property as security.
2nd Charge Mortgages and Secured loans
2nd Charge Mortgages and Secured loans – we have numerous sources for 2nd Charge Mortgages and Secured loans, so call us on one of the above freephone numbers to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.

If you need to raise funds (for any legal purpose) and it makes sense to keep your existing mortgage product (for example, there is an Early Repayment Charge to pay if the main mortgage is repaid during an initial fixed rate period), then a 2nd Charge Mortgage (also called a Secured Loan) may make financial sense.

We have many sources of lenders who offer 2nd charge mortgages on residential, But-to-Lets and commercial property.

These loans are usually able to be arranged very quickly, with minimal fuss, and with no upfront fees payable (except possibly the valuation fee).

Here are 10 reasons to use this kind of loan:-

1. Avoid paying Early Repayment Charges on an existing mortgage
2. Keep a low mortgage rate that is linked to BBR or a lenders SVR
3. Have had credit problems in the last 12 months
4. Have an interest only mortgage that you do not want to relinquish
5. Consolidate expensive unsecured debt into one manageable monthly payment
6. Carry out home improvements
7. Raise funds for a deposit on an investment property
8. Need access to funds quickly – loans typically complete in 3 weeks
9. No up-front costs for the client to pay
10. Typical Early Repayment Charge just one month’s interest

Whatever your needs, contact us to discuss your requirements in complete confidence and see if a 2nd Charge mortgage or Secured loan is the best choice for you.




If our recommendation is that a 2nd charge mortgage is the most suitable answer to your needs, we may refer you to a Master Broker, as they have access to lenders who will only deal through Master Brokers, and not mortgage brokers. This ensures that you are dealing with reputable, trusted people who will take the time and care to ensure you receive the best possible advice for your particular circumstances.