“It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.”
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Sometimes, life’s isn’t always a bowl of cherries.

Life is full of uncertainty, and should something go dramatically wrong, it makes sense to have the safety net of a suitable insurance policy in place.

We are experts at recognizing the situations that could befall a person, or their property, and use a very large panel of leading insurance companies to offer our clients the most suitable policies for the needs, whatever they may be.

What is insurance and why might I need it?

Insurance allows people to protect themselves against risks like theft, accidents or illness – or to provide for their families in the case of their early death. Although individual insurance policies can seem complicated, the principle is straightforward. You pay to insure against something happening to yourself or your property. If the worst happens, the insurance company pays out either the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged goods or an agreed sum.From their experience, insurance companies can calculate the likelihood of a theft or accident happening – and the cost to them of covering any loss or injury. The higher the risk and financial cost of the loss, the higher the premium you will be asked to pay. But insurance companies can keep costs down by insuring many people against the same risk.

What should I think about when I buy insurance?

What do you need?

Some kinds of insurance are compulsory. You have to have when you buy your home. In other cases, the choice is up to you. You have to decide, for example, how you would afford to pay for medical treatment abroad if you fell ill on holiday or replace your TV or valuables if you were burgled. If you have travel or contents insurance, your insurer would pick up the bill.   You can also insure, for instance, against the cost of repairing or replacing your television or other household appliances if they break down by extending their warranty. You can take out protection to provide income if you lose your job because of your redundancy or ill-health. There are a variety of different insurance policies available. Which to insure for first? You have to decide if your TV is more important than your income.

Getting advice.

We have many years of experience helping people protect they things the love and cherish, and nothing is higher than family when it comes to making suitable provisions. Providing a safety net when disaster strikes is not compulsory, but could you live with the consequences if something unplanned and unexpected happened to you? More importantly, could your family continue to survive financially if the main earner was unable to continue to earn their living, or die?

We can help !

Speak to us and we will listen to your needs and concerns, and will then research the marketplace for you using a large range of insurers, and recommend the most suitable policies for your needs.

Simply contact us to start the ball rolling. It’s a decision only you can make.