We believe that you should know the cost of using our services at the earliest opportunity.
We are happy to discuss your requirements without obligation or cost.

You can use this information to decide if our services are suitable for you.  We use the whole marketplace to search for the most suitable product for your needs and circumstances.

Of course, everyone’s individual circumstances are different. So that you are aware of any fee before you commit to using our services, we ask you to sign a Client Agreement in acceptance of our terms before we proceed with your enquiry. Please note: The Broker Fee is only payable on the day we complete a ‘Full Mortgage Application’. Before we get to that stage, you will know exactly if a mortgage lender will actually lend to you as we would have assessed your case, and completed a lender’s ‘Decision in Principle’ application. So, if you like the look of the lender and mortgage product we find for you, and the lender likes to look of you as a potential borrower, only  then can we convert the ‘Decision in Principle’ into a ‘Full Mortgage Application’.  More details on ‘The Process’ page.

We believe our fee structure is both competitive and fair, given the individual personal attention you will receive, and the effort we put into each and every case, and not forgetting that our recommendations last as long as the lifetime of your mortgage!

Your initial mortgage consultation is without obligation and fee free.

A Broker Fee is only payable when you accept our recommendation and we complete the ‘Full Mortgage Application’ on  your behalf. There is no charge up to that point !

To justify the Broker Fee, we would have already:
> conducted a thorough review of your personal circumstances, and….
> carried out sufficient research to be able to discuss exactly what options are available to you, and….
> completed a lender’s ‘Decision in Principle’ application, and obtained the lender’s decision to lend to you. (i.e. You like the look of the lender/product, and they like the look of you as a potential borrower).

Residential Mortgages and re-mortgages

(FCA regulated products)

Investment (Buy to Let) Property

(non-FCA regulated products)

Up to 1% of the loan amount arranged
‘Independent’ option

(FCA regulated products)

(net commission received from lender refunded to you)

Commercial Property,  Overseas property, and ex-pats overseas buying in UK

(non-FCA regulated products)

Up to 1.75% of the loan amount arranged, typically 1%, fee on application  £995.

If the first lender recommended declines your ‘Full Mortgage Application’ (having accepted you on a ‘Decision in Principle’ application), we will then move on to the next recommended lender, and will not ask you to pay another Broker Fee !

Any fee we charge could be added to the mortgage loan, subject to lender agreement.

We retain the lenders procuration fee in all cases, with the sole exception of the ‘independent’ option (see below).

Some of our company advisers set their own fee levels. They will discuss this with you before commencing work on your case.

If information arises that was not disclosed by you initially,  we reserve the right to amend the basis of our fees.

We invoice the same day as your full mortgage application is made. All invoices become payable on day of issue.

‘Independent’ option ( for residential mortgages only)

As an ‘Independent Mortgage Advice’ firm, we also provide our clients with a “Fees only” option.
We charge an application fee of £995 payable when we complete the full mortgage application. We will refund any net commission we receive from the mortgage lender back to the client.

Commercial property and Overseas property, and ex-pats based overseas buying/re-mortgaging in the UK.

A £995 fee is usually payable upon application. We may agree to alter these terms before we commence any work on your behalf. All fees are payable at legal completion, or 14 days after the Formal Mortgage Offer is made, whichever is sooner.

V.A.T. is not applicable to Broker Fees.

For FCA regulated mortgages, you can check our Disclosure Document, Section 4 (What will you have to pay us for our services?),  for information regarding the Broker Fee payable.

Don’t forget that we offer ‘Bespoke, personalised, advice and a recommendation’, not an ‘off the peg’ solution”.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, in complete confidence and without obligation.


We accept payment for our fee by bank transfer and Paypal.

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