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I am a writer, broadcaster, political and economic commentator and a poet. I have specialist expertise in Islamic Finance and International Relations with reference to Middlle East, Iran, South Asia, USA, Europe and UK and the Washington Consensus.

Over the past years I have built significant expertise in speech-writing and coordinating conference presentations. An accomplished public speaker, with wide experience in speaking at conferences and round-tables, large and small in the United Kingdom and abroad.

I regularly speak at International Conferences and appear on PressTV, IRIB, Russia Today, Voice of Russia, Sputnik Radio and other ethnic channels.
I have travelled extensively in Africa, Middle-East and South Asia. I divide my time between London and Dubai. I graduated in England and subsequently obtained my MBA from London.

My passion is to work with clients to create leading-edge property and protections solutions for individuals and business. I am a specialist in facilitating mortgages for expats and non-UK nationals and have expertise in structuring commercial finance and complex large mortgages.”

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