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Protecting what’s yours is the most important thing to you, whether that’s your property, your income, wife/husband or your children. I’m a family man who protects everything in every angle to ensure my family will not be in a poor or worrying financial situation. I dedicate my time and my career to protecting people in the right way that ensures peace of mind by understanding your family’s needs and I will guide you through the process ensuring you understand every piece of your policy.

My wife got diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2017 and our lives got flipped upside down with every scenario going through my head. Unfortunately, at the time we had no protection and we had both of our children. I worked each day to ensure we didn’t have any financial worries. However, if we had our protection, I could have had the time with my wife to ensure my wives concerns were dealt with as well as being financially stable. Thankfully, my wife’s been clear of cervical cancer for 4 years and I’m forever grateful of time and health. Now I have the determination to ensure each family gets the correct protection for them and their families are financially secure.
I have a huge interest in sport. I’ve had the pleasure of protecting some of my idols within different sports and I’m focused on becoming the face of protection within Sport. With seeing what’s happened within sport over the last couple of years, it’s time for someone to protect them and their families… and I’m that man.

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